AdBlue® emulators

AdBlue® or Diesel Exhaust Fluid ("DEF") is a mixture of high purity urea and demineralized water used to comply with ISO 22241 or DIN 70070 automotive standards. AdBlue emulator are capable of switching off the SCR system, and then simulates its work without the use of the AdBlue fluid.

AdBlue catalytic converter systems are now widespread. Nowadays you can find AdBlue systems in all trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles made by such manufacturers as MAN, Scania, DAF, Volvo, Renault, Mercedes-Benz, Iveco and others. The main reason that causes the spread of AdBlue catalytic converter systems is a EURO environmental standards of the European Union. AdBlue liquid makes exhaust gases to be cleaner.

AdBlue F3G with NOx sensor support

AdBlue v3 emulator main advantage is possibility to be installed on a faulty SCR system of such trucks as MERCEDES, VOLVO, RENAULT, MAN, DAF, IVECO, SCANIA, and FORD

$ USD 199.00

AdBlue v.2 emulator

Adblue v.2 emulator designed to be installed error free SRC system of such trucks as DAF, Scania, Volvo, Renault, MAN, Iveco, and Mercedes (BOSCH only).

$ USD 90.00